A Response to the Anti-Defamation League's Criticism of the Freedom Center's Campus Poster Campaign

The David Horowitz Freedom Center has continued its ongoing poster campaign to target campus chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine across the nation and expose the financial and organizational ties that link the student organization to the anti-Israel terror group Hamas.

The Freedom Center has placed posters on a total of twelve campuses so far this Fall semester including Brooklyn College, Vassar College, Tufts, the University of Tennessee, San Diego State University, San Francisco State University, the University of Minnesota, George Mason University, and the University of California campuses of Irvine, Berkeley and Los Angeles, and the University of Chicago. The posters describe SJP as a puppet of Hamas and the Hamas-funded organization, American Muslims for Palestine. The Freedom Center's posters also list the names of individual campus leaders--both students and faculty--who promote Hamas propaganda and the genocidal Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel on their campuses.

The piece shared below is an ad that the Freedom Center ran recently in the Jewish Journal responding to the Anti-Defamation League's Pacific Southwest Regional Director Amanda Susskind who smeared our factual and informational poster campaign as a "hate message" and "beyond the pale," while leaving Jewish students on campus unprotected. 

View images of the Freedom Center's posters
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In a statement published on October 6, Amanda Susskind - ADL Pacific Southwest Regional Director - condemned our poster campaign exposing UCLA supporters of anti-Jewish terrorism as a “hate message” and “beyond the pale.” Since when is the posting of factual information about the group Students for Justice in Palestine, and individuals who support Hamas terrorists, hateful or beyond the pale? The anti-SJP/anti-BDS posters were put up by the David Horowitz Freedom Center in order to hold accountable individuals responsible for the hate-filled anti-Israel propaganda that is engulfing the UCLA campus. Since I have been identified as the person behind the poster campaign, your statement in effect attacks a Jew who is defending Israel, and also defending pro-Israel students under assault by supporters of a genocidal war against the Jewish state. Attempting to discredit a defender of Israel who is under attack from Israel’s enemies is a strange position for the ADL to take as an organization whose primary mission has been to defend Jews and the Jewish state.
Your statement not only ignores the anti-Semitic campaigns of SJP and BDS activists at UCLA, it goes out of its way to defend and even to praise UCLA’s Vice Chancellor, Jerry Kang. who is featured in one of our posters for his bias on behalf of groups that promote the BDS movement and openly call for the destruction of the Jewish state. Vice Chancellor Kang was the chief force in the harassment campaign against Milan Chatterjee, president of the UCLA Graduate Students Association, whose offense was his refusal to turn the Association into a platform for BDS supporters who openly seek the destruction of the Jewish state. Kang’s efforts coupled with those of the anti-Israel student groups he is known to protect, caused Mr. Chatterjee, a second year law student to fear for his safety and ultimately to leave UCLA and to continue his education elsewhere. Put bluntly, you have made the Anti-Defamation League an ally of the most virulent pro-BDS, pro-Hamas and anti-Israel groups on the UCLA campus, and left Jewish students under attack unprotected.
Our Freedom Center campaign has published a pamphlet, Students for Justice in Palestine: A Campus Front For Hamas Terrorists, which documents the links between the individuals and groups identified on our posters, and Hamas. The information is available as a pdf at www.StoptheJewHatredonCampus.org. Our posters, which list the leaders of the pro-BDS and pro-Hamas efforts at UCLA, are designed to hold them accountable for the support they have given to the terrorists who are waging a genocidal war against the Jewish state. You may disapprove of the style of our campaign but you have no right to slander our efforts and thus give aid and comfort to groups and individuals who are spreading hatred of Israel and inciting hate towards Jewish students on the UCLA campus.
David Horowitz